Teen Classes:

Ballet: Solid color leotard, pink or skin-colored tights.
Jazz, Modern & Tap: black dance shorts or leggings.
Appropriate shoes: pink ballet slippers, black jazz shoes, black tap shoes (low heeled). 

Youth and Adult Programming

All Ballet:

Black leotard, pink or skin-colored tights, pink ballet slippers; ballet skirt may be worn.

Kids Dance! Combo (Jazz/Tap):

Black leotard, tan or skin-colored tights, black jazz shoes, black tap shoes. 

Dance is fun! It lifts the spirit,

strengthens the body, and stimulates the mind.

- Wayne Sleep (b. 1948)

young Children's Programming

Kidancery! (ages 3-5 yrs):

Light pink leotard, pink or skin-colored tights, pink ballet slippers, pink chiffon ballet skirt optional, no tutus.

Kinderdance Combo (ages 5-6 yrs):

Black leotard, pink or skin-colored tights, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes, black jazz shoes if needed. 

Dress Code

Studio for the Dance Arts

Serving Southern Maine and the New Hampshire Seacoast

The Dance Annex

Adult Classes:

Appropriate dance wear, ballet slippers, bare feet or socks for modern.


For all classes:  Hair pulled back neatly from face in ponytail.  Clips or headband for short hair. 
For all ballet classes:  Hair in a bun.