Studio for the Dance Arts

Serving Southern Maine and the New Hampshire Seacoast

The Dance Annex

Adult Classes:

Appropriate dance wear, ballet slippers, bare feet or socks for modern.


For all classes:  Hair pulled back neatly from face in ponytail.  Clips or headband for short hair. 
For all ballet classes:  Hair in a bun. 

Teen Classes:

Ballet: Solid color leotard, pink or skin-colored tights.
Jazz, Modern & Tap: black dance shorts or leggings.
Appropriate shoes: pink ballet slippers, black jazz shoes, black tap shoes (low heeled). 

Youth and Adult Programming

All Ballet:

Black leotard, pink or skin-colored tights, pink ballet slippers; ballet skirt may be worn.

Kids Dance! Combo (Jazz/Tap):

Black leotard, tan or skin-colored tights, black jazz shoes, black tap shoes. 

Dance is fun! It lifts the spirit,

strengthens the body, and stimulates the mind.

- Wayne Sleep (b. 1948)

young Children's Programming

Kidancery! (ages 3-5 yrs):

Light pink leotard, pink or skin-colored tights, pink ballet slippers, pink chiffon ballet skirt optional, no tutus.

Kinderdance Combo (ages 5-6 yrs):

Black leotard, pink or skin-colored tights, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes, black jazz shoes if needed. 

Dress Code