Beginner Teen Dance, ages 12-16

Beginner dance class for teens with little or no experience who want to try a bit of everything. A combination class with the opportunity to experience ballet, tap, and jazz within the year.


Dance class based on traditional modern foundations.

Ballet Focus Class, ages 12 and up

A class to focus solely on individual elements of technique (i.e., jumps, turns, flexibility, adagio, strengthening, etc). For intermediate and advanced dancers.

Adult/Teen Beginning Ballet, ages 16-adult

For teens and adults with little experience.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet, ages 12 and up

Intermediate/advanced level ballet for dancers with several years of ballet training.

Pre-Pointe/Pointe, Variations ages 12 and up

Must be taking at least two ballet classes a week and have previous ballet experience.  Studio approval required.

Ballet 1, ages 7-9

Beginner ballet class introducing the formal format of a traditional class with barre and center exercises. Students will learn the fundamentals of classical dance. Strengthen posture, engage larger and more intricate movement skills, develop classroom protocol and move with enjoyment.

Intermediate Ballet, ages 11-14

For children with some previous experience in ballet. Students will continue to build their foundation for dance and expand their dance vocabulary.

Kinderdance, ages 5-7/8yrs old. A dance class for young movers that expands on the movements of Kidancery!. Typically a combo class of intro to ballet and tap.

Dance is music made visible.

- George Balanchine (1904-1983) 

PLEASE NOTE that class descriptions and ages are a guide, and the class instructor/studio director will determine appropriate placement.


All Kidancery! classes are non-recital classes and are run in 7-week series.

(ages3-4/5yrs old)

A dance class for young movers. Children will discover the joy of dance and be introduced to the
basics of movement for all forms of dance. Pre- ballet, rhythms, motor skills, coordination, imagination.

class Descriptions

The Dance Annex

Studio for the Dance Arts

Serving Southern Maine and the New Hampshire Seacoast

Sunday Series

Several selected Sundays to feature guest teachers, master classes, and introduce new programs.

Student Company

Rehearsal time reserved for choreography.

Meal and a Movie Night

First Friday of the month only. Pizza and a dance film (documentary, drama, or ballet). Age appropriate for film.

Contemporary Jazz

An intermediate level class that includes floor work, standing warm-up and a center that is based in modern dance, but also branches out into jazz and contemporary ballet styles. This exciting fusion offers eclectic across the floor and center dance phrases that will challenge students to move in diverse ways with attention to both solid technique and creative expression. Some structured improvisation and composition work will be included to enhance understanding of the choreographic process and artistic expression.

Contemporary Ballet

A union of classical ballet and traditional modern dance concepts combined to create a dynamic class with barre work, center work, and across the floor movement.

Hip Hop

High energy dance with contemporary movement.


High energy dance based in classical jazz movements.